One of the greatest of God’s blessings is that we are never alone.
Jesus is always with us, wherever we are, whatever we are doing. To keep that reality foremost in our hearts, these Screen Savior Crosses are meant to better focus us on our fidelity to Jesus and his words, message, and example.

“Brother priests, when I give out the sheets in Confession I always tell the penitent not to tell their friends that they received the stickers in Confession. Rather, just tell them they saw the sheets at Church and picked up one there.” – Fr. Mike

By placing a cross on each of our screens as a visual reminder that we are a follower of Jesus, we are therefore:


to visit websites which inform, entertain, educate, and inspire us to something greater.


to reject websites which lead us away from the teachings of Jesus and our discipleship to Him.


to treat others in our on-line social communications with respect, understanding, and the love of Jesus, and to refrain from postings that are negative or harmful toward others.


to commit ourselves to using the Internet for the glory of God through Jesus Christ.


Jesus … Our Screen Savior sticker


These stickers of Jesus Crucified are ideal for our youth and young adult groups, and to anyone struggling to remain a faithful disciple of Jesus when online. They can easily be affixed to the screens of phones, tablets, laptops and larger monitors.*

*When applying these stickers to a cell phone or a tablet, your should choose a location on the screen where you seldom place their fingers. This will preserve the sticker much longer, and keeps it looking like new.

Product includes a 4 3/8″ x 11″ sticker sheet

Includes Free Shipping on All Orders!

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Please share any suggestions you may have for the best use of the stickers. You may reach out to us via e-mail at JesusOurScreenSavior@gmail.com


Jesus … Our Screen Savior, 5760 Hannum Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230-6501